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Thanks for giving us a pearly clean smile.

Natural Dentistry

I would like to thank you for the wonderful experience I recently had at your office. I came in to get two of my teeth bonded because they were chipped. My teeth look absolutely wonderful. I get compliments all the time from family and friends of how good they look. I have no worries for the future of my teeth, knowing that I have such a great dentist looking out for them. I also can't say enough of the wonderful staff that works there, especially Desiree. Thank you again for all the wonderful work.


Family Dentistry

Prior to seeing Dr. Patel going to the dentist was dreadful. My experience with Dr. Patel and his entire staff changed a lifetime of dread and fear in to a positive and productive experience. The combined efforts of Dr. Patel and his staff all working together created a reassuring, comfortable and always cheerful environment. I was confident they could handle any unforeseen problem. It didn't take long to see how much they all love their work and the end result showed in my selfesteem, confidence and willingness to smile. His insight and expertise changed my life. Seeing Dr. Patel's delight in how I felt shows what passion he has for his work.


Cosmetic Dentistry

My smile became very unattractive to the point that I stopped smiling. Of course my bite was never right either. I became very self-conscious and I was always trying to hide my smile. I felt great discomfort of thinking that people may be looking at my mouth while talking to them. Having a beautiful smile became one of my biggest dreams and obsession. I could not let go. As a matter of fact, it was holding me back from being more social and outgoing. Dr. Patel helped change that. He has given me the most beautiful smile. The smile I couldn't ever imagine. I cannot describe how much all of this is changing my life. I am not able to find words to say how much grateful and thankful I am to Dr. Patel. Already I was able to find a great job. Now, I'm not afraid of people anymore, thinking that they will judge me based on my smile. I finally feel that I can be who I always wanted to be-myself.


Healthy Gums

I am very happy Pearly Dental found a pearl in Sonya by adding her to the Practice as our new Hygienist! Her friendly, kind, thoughtful and upbeat attitude was a pleasure. Most of all, I loved her determination to thoroughly clean my gums and made me extra happy by eliminating most of the accumulative stain in between my teeth! It is plain to see that Sonya loves her job and there are no better Hygienists than those who do!! I, for one, look forward to all my future visits with Sonya and wish her continued success & happiness with Pearly Dental!


TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction)

Thank you so much for helping me feel like myself again! When i came in for the first time with the pain/clicking in my jaw and the inability to open my mouth fully i didn't realize that the sleepless nights, headaches and neck pain had any relation to my jaw. I am excited to tell you how my life has changed. I sleep through the night, i have no more neck pain or headaches and my jaw pain is gone!!!! I have more energy during the day and am a happier person.



Dr. Patel and his staff are great. I was having intense jaw pain, I could not close my mouth. I had been living on soup! My dentist referred me to Dr. Patel. The staff was able to work me in the next day. Dr. Patel examined my jaw and advised me of the treatment he recommended. In two days, he had an appliance for my lower teeth. I started wearing it 24/7. Within 24 hours, my pain was gone and I could close my mouth with a normal bite. Today I only wear my appliance at night and I have had no pain. Thank you Dr. Patel and staff.



I have always had severe ear pain, with tubes in my ears as a child. I thought I would have pain and problems with my ears for the rest of my life, and at age 19, I had a long way to go. I went to my ENT specialist and was diagnosed with TMJ. I had been fitted with an uncomfortable and useless appliance from my general dentist. My ENT referred me to Dr. Patel's office. The staff was so accommodating and scheduled my appointment so quickly. I felt like I was already a priority as a new patient. Upon my 1 week checkup after receiving my new appliance I had no ear pain and a comfortable opening of SO+mm (before 12)! Thank you!

  Alyssa H

Sleep Apnea

Before seeing Dr. Patel! was a loud snorer and I was constantly awakened by gasping for air or by my wife's nudging me and asking me to roll over. The first night with the somnomed proved to be my last night of snoring. According to my wife my snoring is 100% cured. Since I was keeping my wife awake with my snoring, the somnomed was a two-for-one special; it cured her 'sleep problem' as well! As the director of Counseling and Wellness Innovations, I plan to refer my clients with snoring and sleep disorders to Dr. Patel.

  Dan L


I had what can only be described as the worst headache of my entire life. It felt as if something exploded in my brain. I couldn't even see; everything went black. And then I passed out. Bystanders called 911 and I was taken to the emergency room. I then started seeing a neurologist who I believe tried his absolute best to find a cure for me. He ordered test after test after test. He was never able to figure out what was wrong. He prescribed every medicine he could and nothing worked. At this time I had a headache the entire time. Both my neurologist, and my general doctor, suggested that I should see a psychiatrist. At first this upset me because I felt they were not taking my pain seriously. The pain became so bad that I started to wonder how and if I even wanted to live like this. Dr. Patel saw me and said that he thought that he could take away the pain. I was more than willing to try anything at this point, and for the first time in what seemed like forever, I saw light at the end of the tunnel a few weeks later I went back and got my new dental splint. I have to admit, when I saw that this utile piece of "plastic" I was doubtful that this would take away so much pain. However, after a few days of wearing it, the pain started to decrease, and after about 2 weeks the pain was gone. It really was a miracle. I don't think I would have been able to live with the pain for much longer.

  Stacy S

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